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Self Test

Hearing loss develops gradually, so you may have a hearing loss and not even realize it. This simple self-quiz will help you determine if you show signs of a gradual hearing loss. Ask yourself the following questions and view your results!

1. Are conversations in a crowd difficult? Yes No
2. Do people around you seem to mumble? Yes No
3. Do friends or family comment on your inability to understand clearly? Yes No
4. Have you ever experienced ringing in your ears? Yes No
5. Do you often turn up the TV or radio louder than others like? Yes No
6. Do you have trouble hearing over the telephone? Yes No
7. Do you often ask people to speak up or repeat themselves? Yes No
8. Do you find men’s voices easier to understand than women’s? Yes No
9. Does a hearing problem cause you to feel embarrassed when meeting new people? Yes No
10. Does a hearing problem cause you to visit friends, relatives,
or neighbors less often than you would like?
Yes No

If your answer is “YES” to more than 3 questions, you are required to evaluate your hearing by professional. Don’t ignore hearing loss. Treat it before its too late.

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Self test