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Myth and Facts

  • Myth : A hearing aid will damage your hearing.
  • Fact : Hearing aids do not increase the rate of hearing decline due to dependency. Your brain needs regular auditory stimulation to continue to remember sounds, which in turn allows you to communicate effectively. The earlier you address your hearing concern, the better. A properly fitted and maintained hearing aid will not damage your hearing.

  • Myth : You can save time and money by buying hearing aids online or from medical store
  • Fact : By working with an audiologist, you are purchasing professional care and services to ensure that the correct hearing aid is selected according to your loss that proper programming of the hearing aid is completed. There are 10 leading manufacturing company in india and each company has approximately 300 product, we help to select the best for you among the 3,000 products. Other professional care includes:

    • Hearing evaluation
    • Referral for medical treatment (if needed)
    • Hearing aid evaluation
    • Verification of fit of hearing aid
    • Instruction in how to properly use and maintain the hearing aid
    • Follow-up care and support
    • Repair services
    • Rehabilitation services

  • Myth : A milder hearing loss is not bad enough for a hearing aid.
  • Fact : Everyone's hearing loss and listening needs are different. By working with your audiologist, you can determine if a hearing aid is needed and how much it will improve your hearing.

  • Myth : Hearing aids restore hearing to normal just as an eyeglass prescription can restore vision to 20/20
  • Fact : Hearing aids do not restore hearing to “normal.” Hearing aids do not “cure” your hearing loss, but they provide benefit and improvement in communication. They can improve your hearing and listening abilities, and they can substantially improve your quality of life.

  • Myth : My Hearing Problem Isn't Bad Enough to Need Two Hearing Aids
  • Fact: Your body's hearing mechanism relies on input from both ears to locate sound sources, and focus on specific sounds and conversations. Study in the 1990s showed that people who had hearing loss in two ears but used a hearing aid in only one ear, found that the ear which used aid preserved 10-20% better understanding than the ear with no hearing aid. . If you have a hearing loss in both ears, you should wear two hearing aids.

  • Myth : Hearing aids just make everything louder.
  • Fact : Today's hearing solutions are designed to suit each individual's type and degree of hearing loss and their lifestyle. Every hearing aid prescribed at AURA is recommended by qualified Hearing Care Clinicians.

  • Myth : Hearing aids are uncomfortable.
  • Fact : A properly fitted digital hearing device should not cause you any discomfort.

  • Myth : Wearing a Hearing Aid is a Sign of Old Age.
  • Fact : Actually, your hearing loss is probably more noticeable. Let's face it, constantly saying "what ?" and "huh ?" don't do much to dispel the notion that your getting older. But being an active participant in life, catching the punchline (and laughing at the right time), or actually hearing those sweet nothings whispered in your ear make you feel and appear young.

  • Myth : I'm Too Old (or Young !) To Benefit From Hearing Aids.
  • Fact : Almost everyone relies on hearing to communicate and connect with others in your world. Hearing loss affects people of all ages and you are never too old (our oldest patient was 102!) or too young to need help. When people decide not to get the help they need they are sending a message to those around them: You're just not important enough for me to try to improve our communication.

  • Myth : Hearing Aids Are Too Expensive
  • Fact : Cost is relative to the perceived value you get from your hearing aids. The most important "investment" is your attitude and willingness to work through adapting to your hearing aids. For many, the improved quality of life and relationships make hearing aids one of the best investments they ever made.

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