Three ways that Hearing Aids will make you happy

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When we imagine about happiness, we think about a special memory that we have shared with a dear ones, enjoying with friends round the dining table, or doing our favorite activity. Happiness most likely conjures up similar reminiscences and hopes in most people. Some common things that make person happy are: family, vacations, Friends,lazy Sundays, sunshine & chocolate

While not generally the primary things that enter our mind when imagining about happiness, if you or a dear suffer from any degree of hearing impairment. Surveys & studies have shown the clear association between hearing aids and happiness, Similarly with untreated hearing impairment and mental state issues like depression and anxiety.

We’ve mentioned three important ways in which treating your hearing impairment with hearing aids will make you happier.

1.Better Relationships with Family and Friends:

It is well documented that individuals with untreated hearing impairment are at a high risk of turning into socially isolated. It is sensible, once you’re perpetually straining to grasp conversations, gatherings with friends and family will simply become hard, frustrating, and downright troublesome.

If you think that this study is an isolated case, rethink. The international non-profit organization Hear-It analyzed nearly each peer-reviewed article on the advantages of using hearing aids from Australia, Europe and also the United States of America. Their findings? The overwhelming majority showed an overall improvement in quality of life, with positive affects on social and family relationships

2.Improved Work Productivity:

It is well known fact that money doesn’t buy happiness, however, it isn’t wrong to get highly paid for your hard work – and feel proud of your success. A recent study conducted by Texas University found that after 14 days of use, hearing aids improved cognitive function in adults in their 50s and 60s with mild hearing loss when completing work related tasks. Their work productivity also improved significantly.

It has been proved that those with untreated hearing hearing loss are considered as less competent at their jobs than their colleagues with hearing loss treated with hearing aids. On average, individuals with severe hearing impairment earn around $14,000 less p.a. than those without hearing impairment . We tend to be happier when we feel like we’re good at our jobs, respected by our co-workers, and earning a salary we deserve

3. Lower Risk of Depression:

Multiple studies have pointed to the clear association between untreated hearing disorder and depression. In latest study by the National Institute on National Institute on Deafness and Other Communication Disorders, (NIDOCD), it had been found that only 5% of the population with normal hearing suffered from depression, that figure was more than doubled for those people with untreated hearing loss. In the same study, conclusion was drawn that those with hearing loss who do not use hearing aids are much more likely to develop a major depressive disorder than those with the same degree of hearing loss who wear hearing aids.
Another study concluded that hearing loss was related with high risk for depression – especially in adults between 18-69. John Hopkins came to similar conclusions in his study – He stated that those with untreated hearing loss are about 57% more likely to develop depression than those without hearing loss.
Don’t you think hearing aids may make you more happier? There is absolutely no risk in finding out. Reach out to us at Aura Hearing Aid. We will definitely help you in rediscovering your happiness with hearing aids.

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