Guide For Hearing Aid Care During Summer

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Swimming, playing around, barbecuing: summer brings ample of fun in the sun, and your hearing aids help intensify every moment. As you take in all that the season has to offer, it’s important to bear in mind that too much heat and moisture can harm the delicate components of your hearing aid devices.

Hearing aid devices can be damaged when uncovered to heat or moisture. Sweat and water are the two major enemies of hearing aid machines during the summer season, and sharp temperature fluctuations can  lead to condensation and an amplified tendency to sweat. All of these are destructive to your hearing aid machines and might stop them from functioning appropriately.

Damage could give rise to distorted or weak sound quality, less battery life and unreliable functionality.

Starkey hearing aids help fight summer problems with HydraShield®2, an avant-garde nano-coating formulated from a lotus plant to let moisture go out. HydraShield®2 mimics the leaves of a lotus and lets moisture and wastes (sweat, wax and dust) from inflowing the strata of the Starkey hearing aid devices as well as the microphone ports. But even though your hearing aids have HydraShield®2, it is vital to take extra care during the summer months.

Don’t sweat it—you can still make most of all your favourite summer pastimes by taking a few simple steps to defend and care for your hearing aid machines to help them last for years to come. Here are some ways to keep you hearing aids safe and functional this summer.

  1. Take out your hearing aid machines when exercising outside, if it is pre-monsoon raining or if the weather is really warm.
  2. At night, expose the battery door to let dry, fresh air to move through the digital hearing aid and dismiss moisture.
  3. Keep you digital hearing aids in a defensive case and straight out of direct sunlight when you are not using them.
  4. Avoid storing hearing aids in moist places such as in glove boxes, dashboards, or other surroundings where heat and moisture can accumulate.
  5. Remove your hearing aids prior to showering, swimming or any movement in which you will or could be bare to water.
  6. Sunscreen comprise of oils which can lead to damage of hearing aids, so try to apply lotions or sprays totally before putting on your hearing aid devices. Be sure that the sunscreen is completely rubbed in or dry before putting your hearing aid devices back on or the oils will soak into open seams and microphone ports or even vents.

Remember that summer need to be fun but not stressful. Follow these summer hearing care tips above for a hassle-free summer that’s full of sounds and sunshine.  Have questions about how to take good care for your hearing aids? Call our local hearing aid clinic or hearing aid dealers today. re

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