6 Ways To Guard Your Hearing Aids During Summer

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Heat, dirt, dust and humidity__ these all have the potential to damage hearing aids, especially at the time of summer. Sweat as well as humidity put the aids at risk of poor sound clarity, short battery life or fully cutting out.
Check out the following wing useful tips to keep your hearing aids safe during summer.

1. Get a Dry & Store unit.
These particularly designed dehumidifiers’ assists to keep the hearing aids free of moisture, earwax as well as bad odor. Dry & Store units act as a perfect and safe place to keep the hearing aids when they’re not being worn and lessen the need for further repairs.

2. Avoid water.
Jumping into a pool on a hot day might cool you down, but it won’t be cool for your hearing aids. Water submersion can cause serious damage to the delicate inner components of your devices. Avoid all forms of water exposure if you can and be sure to remove the hearing aid while swimming or showering.

3. Open the battery door on your hearing aids at night to help clear out moisture.
Removing the batteries from your hearing aids won’t just help save battery life but it will also help clear out moisture which can affect performance. A dry battery compartment also means your electrical components are not corroded which can prevent the need for repairs later on.

4. Be careful with sunscreen.
The oils in sunscreen can damage your hearing aids. Take extra precaution when applying sunscreen along the ears, head and neck. After applying, make sure you wipe your fingers and clean them of any extra sunscreen.

5. Beat the heat.
If someone doesn’t have a dehumidifier unit to keep the devices safe and dry, then store them in a place with minimal temperature changes. Temperature might alter a battery’s output, which may make them less effective or quickly drain them of energy

6. Guard the hearing aids from the sun.
The hearing aids are created with plastic and electronic components that are quite sensitive to high heat. Direct heat for a longer period of time can alter some of those components or lead to serious damage.

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